Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

The Father of mercies and God of all comfort;

who comfortheth us in all our affliction, that we may be able to comfort them

that are in any affliction, through the comfort wherewith 

we ourselves are comforted of God. 

2 Corinthians 1:2-4 ASV

Below are excerpts from an email we received from Jake's mother. She gave me permission to post it here. This is why we do this ministry.  Better than a paycheck.



I told my husband at Jake's death, that I felt something needed to be done to memorialize Jake so that some good could come from  his death.  I feel that you have found that something....the thing about Jake is that he was diverse and he loved people from all walks of life and many different sports. Some of the folks came by and said they went to the lake with Jake and Felicia and others said they rode motorcycles and others said they rock crawled and others said they went to church with them. They also were gun enthusiasts.  I have had people tell me that Jake probably lived more in 26 years than most do in 70.  He just couldn't be lazy and little Felicia was always right there with him and what they did was enjoy everything together.  She at one time had her own crotch rocket if you can believe that.  But you are right, they are two loving souls and not the typical stereo type.  We all tend to categorize people so you are not alone in this.  I have to repent daily for things I think or say that would displease my Heavenly Father and wound His precious son.


Monty, it seems God has given you some insight into a much needed ministry through Jake's death and I for one am thankful for it.  Jake would be humbled by what God is doing through you because of his death and Felicia's plight.


Right now the only thing I need is prayer. Prayer for this weekend as I make my way to the accident site for the first time and possibly his grave again. I look forward to the fund rally this weekend and plan on coming to Jim Barkley's to see the bikes leave.  My life will never be the same because my boy is gone.  But we serve an awesome God and I know He is sovereign and it would not have mattered what Jake was doing that day.  He would have made his way to Heaven as his time on earth was through.  I thank God for the 26 years He allowed me to have him and enjoy calling him my son.  I will see him again because of our faith in Jesus Christ.


If there is anything you ever need for me to do, please let me know.  Lord willing, we are planning on moving back to Asheville soon.  We live near Greenville, SC.  We are looking at houses this weekend.  Jake had been helping us look.  I will surely miss him.


In Christ,


Judy Root


I think that what you are doing is wonderful and needed. My husband and I were riding, last summer, on Biltmore Avenue toward town when a vehicle that had exited 40E decided that she needed to be on 40W and without looking, signaling or any of those things people are supposed to do when driving ran into us on our two month old Dyna. My husband tried to lay it down but there was absolutely no time. I wound up with a broken ankle and a fractured tailbone, hubby had some road rash and a mark on his chin where he had kissed the bumper of her rental car. She was from Charlotte and evidently didn't know where she was going, maybe nervous being in an unfamiliar town? The good news is that she wasn't on her cell phone. We were very fortunate that we were in town and the speed limit is 35, this could have been a lot worse. The point of this email is that the ER nurses, docs, (at Mission) the Asheville P.D., the medics from Buncombe County were all awesome! We found that quiet a few of them ride. I wanted to acknowledge them for the job they do. We could not have asked for better care. 

I pray you the best with your mission to help downed bikers and will keep a watch on the prayer list and help with my prayers.


God bless you,



My Crash

How else do you title something like that? I can write that I'm a motorcyclist who went down and got hurt. This is my testimony.  A few years ago this coming October, my son and I were riding the Parkway in the Smokies going towards Cherokee.  Great ride, especially in the fall.  Beautiful Sunday, perfect weather like we have often here in Western North Carolina.  My son was ahead of me and on his Sportster, he was running good.  I am a bit older than him and at age 54 and riding on a Harley Deuce, I was trying to keep up.  Yeah, I was speeding over the recommended 45 mph posted.  I followed my son into a slightly downhill steep curve that turned left and then began uphill into a mellow right curve.  As I went into the left there was a road drop off about 2 to 3 inches where maybe the earth had settled and took the road with it.  When I hit it I was leaned over hard and when it dipped at the settlement, my drive case hit hard on the road. It startled me and I picked up the bike with too much curve left to negotiate and ran off the road.  I kept it up and began to ride on a dirt gully that many cars and rain had cut out between the pavement, grass and guard rail.  Coming up quick before me was a rock wall - dead end.  I slowed, picked my spot and put the bike back up on the pavement - SAFE!!!.  I did it all right!!!  I hit the gas and leaned for the right curve coming up and the bike went down and I was knocked out cold.  I had picked up a bunch of mud from the rut and it was slicker than owl snot.  I had a slight concussion, broken collar bone and more road rash than I needed.  If I hadn't had my helmet on, I would not be writing this today.  I cracked that helmet up the back and split it about an inch and a half.

Brevard Medical came to get me in an ambulance and then to Emergency.  The medical staff were mean and uncaring because of the number of bikers they get off the roads around there.  I even remember hearing one say, "Well, we got another organ donor out here to work on."  I want a biker who knows what we know at that bedside when another they wake up.  I have a reason to ride and I'm here today to tell you that my angel was riding on my shoulder then and now. So many things could have happened, others have had it a lot worse, I know.

Be blessed - Stay vertical!  SFFS Monty

Do you have a testimony that someone might identify with?  Send it to us.  We will post it here.