For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

Ephesians 2:10 NIV

June 15th of 2020, the leadership team and founders of BikerDownLiftedUp transferred all administrative duties and responsibilities of this 501(c)3 to the Carolina Piedmont West Chapter located in Kings Mountain.  Headquarters are now established there with new leadership and ministry. The founding members and others located in Asheville North Carolina remain as members and will continue to minister in that area. 

On Monday July 17, 2017 BDLU voted to update existing Bylaws for BikerDown LiftedUp. Within those Bylaws - here and available for all to read - are provisions and guidance to create new chapters in this ministry.  

If you would like to begin a new chapter of 

BikerDown LiftedUp, please download our 

recent copy of Bylaws and New Chapters. 

You will find them available for download on the bottom of

the About Us page.

In July of 2014, the Board of Directors and attending members voted on new Bylaws for BikerDown Lifted Up. Within those Bylaws - here and available for all to read - are new provisions to create and allow chapters to form and continue this ministry in their respective areas. With that a motion was made to bring Tennessee, lead by two great Christian friends and brothers, Robert Jordan and Don Brown. We have also been in contact with interested people in Northern GA, SC, VA, OH, and PA. God has blessed us greatly and we want to let everyone know He and He along gets the glory for the service He has set upon us. If you are interested in creating a chapter in your area, download the Bylaws and begin right there.

For about five years BikerDownWNC was mostly about bikers getting hurt and landing in the hospital.  

Notice the logo and how 'Lifted Up' is there, too.  Lifted Up is in honor of our poster LiftedUp lady - Felicia Buckner.  

Felicia, is a young lady who's own crash made her and her husband biker down victims. It was Felicia and the death of her husband, Jake, that was the inspiration for We will never forget what God has done for her as she is still in recovery, but better than ever in her love, life, and devotion to others and to Jesus.


Check the Volunteer page we have information and support for those who wish to become witnessing servants and representatives of BikerDownWNC.  Thanks for your prayers and be sure to thank God for His wonderful care for us. had the first organizational meeting on

 the evening of October 12, 2009.  We had a great time.  Here's some highlights of that meeting. 

For those who came, we had the number I expected for a rainy night (about 25 people).  Again, for our first meeting, it was great.  We ate, we talked, we hugged, and we discussed what we are and what we want to be.  We ARE will remain, first and foremost a Christian Ministry with the intent to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our Mission is to serve downed bikers, whoever they may be, unfortunate to have had an accident, and in the hospital.  We will serve those that the Lord lays in our hands and we will do that, as best as we have means.  We are standing on our faith and the promise of our Lord that He will provide as He wills.  That much we all agreed upon and with that we are going forward to do what this ministry has been called to do.  With our mission established our discussions turned to just how do we do it?  We discussed many ideas about how we select, identify, and insure that those that represent BikerDown Lifted Up do so in a manner that fits our mission.  What do we provide them as guidance? How do we make sure they are identified as members or supporters of BikerDown Lifted Up as they represent us to other groups, to those they visit, to families of those injured?  We got several ideas.  We also discussed what can we do?  How do provide for families, the injured, their financial needs, lodging needs, mechanical needs, towing, storing, food expenses, housing expenses.  Again, we have several ideas that need to be fleshed out with some guidance and ultimately some work and fundraising.  The board of BikerDown Lifted Up will put these ideas together and we will post them here.  Pray for us as God helps us to knit these ideas into policy and guidance. 

Listed below is our By-Laws Document for public inspection.

We support BikerDown families in need with lodging, transportation, meals, and help with medical bills.

We remain bike club, race, religion, and bike manufacturer agnostic. We don't care what you ride or who you ride with.

If you need us after you've had accident - we'll do our best to be there.  If you know someone who has had an accident, tell them about us and tell us about them.  Call our HOTLINE 828-283-0086

We pray now and daily that you never need us or this website.

Keep it vertical! Lift up our fallen, we don't want to keep a