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Contact Us in Case of an Accident in Your Area!

If you have news about a downed biker in the hospital. 
Call the Hotline and leave a message at 828-283-0086 or 
email anyone below in a specific area covered.

Dr. Monty Fuchs Monty@BikerDownWNC.org Anywhere
Pam Mehaffey pamelabdlu@gmail.com Western NC 
Vince Mehaffey ferris_bueller@charter.net Western NC
George Suggs gesuggs@aol.com Anywhere
Dana Eckard dana.eckard@yahoo.com Central NC, SC
Don Brown dbrown4403@yahoo.com TN, WVA and Southern VA
Pastor Tim Reynolds Sr. pstrtimreynolds@gmail.com Soon, KY
Ron and JoJo Rogers hishammer777@gmail.com VA
New Chapter in NC
Carolina Piedmont West
Chairman, Pastor James Herring, 704-600-8940 Central NC
Vice Chair, Robert Robinson, 704-724-7981 Central NC
Chaplain, Ronald Jenkins, 704-426-0746 Central NC
Sec, Lisa Beegle, Central NC
Sec/Treas, Diane Kenney, Central NC

We are looking for more interested Ministers who want to serve with us in other parts of the US.  

We have supporting members in West Virginia,
 Eastern Tennessee, Southern and Northern Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky,
 Foothills and Piedmont NC, and Virginia.
We have a network with other motorcycle ministries across the US thanks to
Heaven's Saints (HSMM)
Bikers For Christ (BFC)
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA)
HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry (HBMM)
and many others.

We need more! 
NOW you can become a Chapter of BikerDown Lifted Up. Download the Bylaws and New Chapter guideline on the bottom of this page.
Contact us if you would like to expand this ministry into your area or if you would like to be a point of contact on the list above.

Who Are We?
 BikerDownLiftedUp.org are people made up of Christian volunteers dedicated in ministry to downed motorcyclists. We represent the biker community and come from many different backgrounds, experiences, and organizations who love the Lord our God, Jesus Christ. Our desire is to serve Him by serving others. We love to ride. We care for and minister to those who are hurt and injured. We do not judge different bikes or bikers, clubs, religions, or ministries. Each of us know what it is like to lose a friend, be in the hospital, or recover from an accident. We ride for a reason and understand why others ride the open road.  We are brothers and sisters who know the dangers of the road and we wish to share Jesus and the security of knowing where we are going. Life is the journey, the road is just one way to get there. Pray for us. Pray for this ministry.  Pray you're never one who has an accident.  If you don’t ride, our vision is you would be aware of those who do.   
We pray this website is a place of comfort, information and a springboard for ministry. If you provide us information, please be sure we can put that information on this website off the Accident Updates link.  We don't want to embarrass anyone.  Get good information, who, what age, what bike, where, when, what happened, injuries, where they are located at home or in the hospital.  We have volunteers who will be visiting and praying with those that are submitted to us.  Give us updates or URLs of websites where we can get updates. We want to work with everyone as a service. 
Help us help others. 
Tell others, give them this website URL and Hotline Number.  May God Bless you and keep you.

In Loving Memory
George Pittard
Vice President - Charter Member - Board of Directors
We will be greatly missed by all. 

Before you put your leg over a bike and ride off into the sunset - be sure you are covered with the right amount of insurance.  
Not selling here, but informing you what you should buy.

SnailMail: Our mailing address is:
PO BOX 5101
Asheville, NC  28813
If you want to serve an area and be listed here, contact any of these above or go to the Volunteer Link and read how.

We are proudly associated with the following groups


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Jul 18, 2017, 3:58 AM
Monty Fuchs,
Jul 18, 2017, 3:57 AM